OSM-FFP2 CE Certified KN95 Masks (100 count)

$400.00 for a package of 100 masks
Order in increments of 100 masks.

PPE Safety… Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is clothing or equipment designed to protect workers from physical hazards when on a worksite.

Due to the current COVID 19, restrictions, once we have entered Phase 1,2 and then 3 the need for KN95 masks will without doubt be a requirement for opening, staying open and effectively stay healthy during the transition.

PLANNING… will be essential for all big and small business to open, and to open safely, we have already begun stocking and distributing the KN95 – Mask to our current clients.

PLEASE… reach out ASAP with questions, concerns and above all else…ORDERS. There will be a huge demand for Certified KN95-MASKS and with our current stock we will be able to supply you, your employees and staff with the reassurance of safety.

OSM- FFP2 - CE Certified KN95MASK

QUANTITIES sold in packages of 100 masks. Please order in number of packages.

QUANTITIES sold 1 – 49 packages, $400 per package (calculates to a per piece price of $4.00 each).

EACH MASK is individually wrapped.


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